About: Tara Trinity

*Disclaimer: I do not edit any of my posts. I write them as they come to me and hope they make sense. I want readers to easily digest my mood based on my writing.

Raised in New Jersey far from the islands of her heritage (Hawaii and Puerto Rico), the brilliance and madness rose as Tara was a child. She began as a classical pianist and a polynesian dancer trained for competitions at the age of four. As an early teen she was chosen by a producer of a local television station to host a show and led them to winning their first Emmy Award. The producer brought her to the attention of Paul Simon with whom she landed a role in the Broadway musical The Capeman. She was accepted into the esteemed Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University as a classical piano performance major but opted in joining singing groups instead of orchestra. There she honed her three and a half octave range in numerous reputable university groups and musicals (including starring as Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar). Shortly thereafter, her songwriting skills were known after winning the college’s first songwriting competition IU Unplugged. Creativity was no stranger to Tara.

Life came to a screeching halt when after graduation, Tara was (finally) diagnosed with Bipolar I during her fifth stay in a mental institution. Her sister extended an offer to move to Washington, D.C., and there she ceased the musician’s life. During a bout of mania in early 2009, Tara had an unplanned pregnancy, and at the end of the year, she gave birth to a beautiful boy who she named Kai (means ocean in Hawaiian–her first place beyond the stage). Albeit this was only the beginning of her new struggles, her condition would never feel quite the same.

Another cruel episode of depression showed its face again and this time Tara channeled it through her music. She began to focus differently and after entering her first international songwriting competition, placed Honorable Mention with And I Love You on vocals and ukelele in 2013. In April of 2014, she left her polynesian dance group and formed her own band called The Tara Trinity Project and is currently working on a solo album.

This blog is about what I will now refer to as the unholy Trinity in my life: bipolar, single motherhood, and music. Here are my raw and visceral emotions..


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