Organized religion can go to hell

Growing up in Organized religions like Christianity or Catholicism is so damaging… Especially for us who are mentally ill.

Why? Because it teaches us to have blind fucking faith instead of facing the issues in a healthy way. Whenever my bp acted up I remember people telling me to have faith and I just needed to pray more and seek Jesus. What a load of shit.

It’s one thing to have faith and know there’s a higher power that is inside of you and supports you. Something bigger than us that can help us see logic in most things and help us find reason and understanding in suffering. But it’s another to never deal with your emotional baggage and throw it under the rug to just leave it because it’ll work out.

Those types of habits permeate the rest of our actions and screw us up.

Sorry I’m venting. I have a lot more to say but I should get some sleep.


3 thoughts on “Organized religion can go to hell

  1. You can “pray more and seek Jesus” but I’m not sure Jesus has time when everyone is asking him to “fix this” or “fix that”. We’re all grown up, we have to start fixing our own things. And a disease, mental or physical, is a hurdle for us to face.. Not for Jesus to fix. I seriously don’t get where that attitude came from.. If you want something done, you have to do it yourself. :/

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    • Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. One of my closest friends (she was like a mentor to me) died when I was 16 bc some preacher man told her God was going to heal her. So she didn’t take the necessary steps for her cancer. And she died. It’s brainwashing of that sort I have never understood.

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      • Well, if you look at it logically.. It kills off the believers. Clears the population a bit. But its still a sad thing to see. :/ I don’t understand how people can just “believe their sickness away”…


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