I’ve spoken a few times about the struggles my sister has and started a crowd fundraiser for her recently. Just two days ago… Please check out if you can donate anything to Her fund. She lost her eye last year and has been going through the toughest struggle of her life thus far. Please watch the video and share if this is something that interests your philanthropic soul.

My Accidental One-eyed World

Everyday I move towards acceptance. Acceptance of my new way of living, new face and new view of the world. Acceptance of something forced upon me isn’t easy. It’s f@#$ing hard! A small step forward followed by three steps back, quickly followed by a tiny step forward. I’m moving forward even if it is at a snail’s pace. I believe I’ve described my progress as sloth-like in previous entries so, I’ll stick with it because it is accurate!

The pace of the progress can be really frustrating but every time I take a step back or feel as if I might fall there is someone there to pick me up. I am surrounded by cheerleaders, motivators and supporters. Everyday I receive an uplifting voicemail, a love-filled text, a motivating phone call or a beautiful card. Everyday. I’m so appreciative.

This weekend my sister Tara and a great friend of mine, Jenny, created…

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