Love doesn’t suck. I suck.

Today has been a shitshow of a day.

I realized I have a lot to work on. I can be irresponsible. I take chances on certain things, but I am so afraid of making mistakes. I need to let that shit go! It’s completely frustrating me. And on top of that, my ex found love (in a hopeless place) before I did. Not that it’s a competition, because “to compare is despair.” But seriously…

love sucks

There’s this quote about how you should never blame anyone else for anything, because everything is your fault. Much truth in that statement.

your fault

I don’t have much energy to write right now. There are much more things I could vent about, but I won’t. I had a nice chat with my guitarist and best friend this evening. And at least he’s in it for the long haul with me for our band. We’re currently in the process of re-naming our band. Maybe I should name it Unlucky Love. Because honestly, that’s the story of our (the guitarist and I) lives. Love doesn’t suck. We just do. We made a pact tonight that there will be no more Tinder. Just dating music. For now, I think that’s the best choice we can possibly make.


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