Mood Swing: Depressed to Hypo

My son looked at me during my fifth hour of cleaning today and said, “Mama, you’re coo-coo for cocoa puffs!” Usually, my cleaning spouts run for about 30-45 minutes each day. However, in my earlier post today, I was feeling down and there are only a few healthier ways to get past it. One is to dive into my creative state (songwriting or music itself and even now cooking or chanting), but today I opted for cleaning. I needed to do some anyway – some super early spring cleaning let’s say..

I began after 3pm and went until about 30 minutes ago.. I cleaned for nine hours. I went through every album I own and my record player was tired around 8pm. Let me tell you, our apartment is spotless. I mopped, scrubbed, swept, washed, picked, dusted, re-organized, disposed of, moved around, hung up, unpacked, cleaned, folded, and dried everything in each room. I have one thing left to do–RE-fold a couple of drawers in my room.

Now I’m slightly hypomanic. But hey, it’s better than being in a dark place.

Good night, world.


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