Mary Poppins Bag: What I Tote Around in my Tote Every. Single. Day.

Must Haves in my everyday bag

1. The Real Book (Sixth Edition) by Hal Leonard Corporation, so whenever there’s a piano/keyboard in sight, I can whip this out and practice.

2. Pioneer HDJ-1500-K Headphones – I bought these about 3 years ago at Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center and have been in love ever since. I use these especially at work or when I’m traveling. They’re comfortable. #ihatebeatsbydrdre

3. Backup Plus for Mac Portable Drive – 1TB – by Seagate – This has my life on it.

4. New Balance Unisex Phone Armband

5. Extra lightning usb wire – to charge all of my electronics (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

6. The Liturgy of Nichiren Buddhism – includes the chants I need for buddhist meetings

7. a. Vitamin D3 5,000mgs (my happy pills when I need more sun) b. Slippery Elm throat lozenges (these are the most helpful when you need to coat your voice)

8. Kai’s iPad mini – functions as both an easier notepad at work as well as a pacifier for kai’s meltdowns

9. Music necessities: a. waterproof iPhone horn stand amplifier (I bought down the Jersey Shore boardwalk for $10) b. Hearos ear plugs with case c. guitar picks (these were specially made for me by my friend who has a guitar pick puncher) d. 1/4″ Mono Phone Plug

10. Vain accessories: a. Selfie Stick b. Chanel Lipgloss Lèvres Scintillantes (Glossimer 41) c. Ray Ban sunglasses for driving needs d. Revlon tweezers (best ones ever!) e. Bronzer from Sephora (02 brunettes)

11. A small bag from JCrew that has on a myriad of choices for jewelry – typical “jersey” style hoops, more classic gold studded earrings, necklaces.. always changing, but very important in case I have an impromptu date, performance, or parent/teacher conference

12. Adult leisure: a. Cigar (for that special moment – I always have one on hand) b. Lobelia Inflata (homeopathic way to fight nicotine cravings) c. mints (these in particular are also a memento from south beach in miami from christmas)

13. Kai emergency kit: a. extra pair of pants b. snacks c. bright orange headphones d. a toy (in this case, a transformer that turns into a car)

14. My emergency needs: a. safety pins (especially good for hula shows or an unexpected wardrobe malfunction) b. a banana holder (I purchased in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia, but can’t remember the shop to save my life!) to hold: c. A Benadryl allergy relief pen d. A Tide to go pen e. clear Forever 21 lip gloss

15. Sanitary needs: a. Suave deoderant (always Suave) b. lotion (always different) c. wipes

16. this cool little pouch holds change and other random dollar bills and the occassional ID (purchased it at the gift shop in the Building Museum)

17. My awesome MacBook Pro 15″ with so much memory. And it rocks an awesome pink cover with stickers of my band on it and a giant sticker of my Philadelphia Eagles

18. The tote I carry everything around in – sometimes it’s this janky one I purchased at Forever 21. If I’m not lugging around the laptop, it’s my Large Red Longchamp Le Pliage (which is the mother of all purses, messes, and spills… just doesn’t have many pockets)

19. Not-pictured because it’s charging is my iPhone 5S. I haven’t made the switch to the 6 yet.. But the iPhone has all of the best apps I need as a musician and as a mother; plus, I love the camera phone on it. Sometimes I even use my phone to replace my Nikon D90. However, there’s always a crack(s) on my phone!! #gdi

Thought this would be fun to share especially because everyone always says I have everything I need, but everything that is random. Sometimes I even carry around double-sided Scotch tape.


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