Having a Band: A Happy Afterthought

Getting to know your bandmates as many say is like being in a family or worse, being in a marriage. It sounds cliché, but it’s not false. I’ve also realized that I may be the most insensitive one out of everyone, which isn’t saying much because I’m pretty effin sensitive about most things. I seem to be the most practical at times.

The band acts as a group of siblings and everyone has a certain persona. All of our personalities are extremely different. There’s always one who’s serious, one who’s cynical, one whose positive, and one who’s indifferent. Then there’s always one who’s practically married, one who’s always in failed relationships, one who’s happily single, and one who’s a slut. Then there’s one who’s the talented one and knows it, one who’s all talk, one who’s talented and doesn’t know it, and one who is the most talented. I mean… this is probably true for almost every band.

What I love about my band is that we really are family. We look out for each other and have each other’s backs. We’re definitely hard on each other but within reason.

What I dislike about my band is that we really are family. We are total pains in the asses to each other and bicker about who knows more about what.

There are also nice perks. They hold you more accountable to your goals and ambitions. You get a second family who understands your weird music side (because no one in my family is a musician). I wish I wasn’t the only female in the group though – because guys definitely like to pass gas. A LOT.

The most rewarding part is when we write a song together (me and the guitarist), teach it to the band, they like it, they groove on it. It becomes something of our own. Then we play it live for an audience and they love it. For me, there’s no other place in the world where I receive respect from others with no biases whatsoever than on stage. It’s the best feeling. It happened last night. We played our newest song “Why Do We Believe” and the crowd dug it. We ended the set with it at the Rock and Roll Hotel and I felt so good about it… Maybe I’ll post some pictures from the show soon.

And what I love most about my band is that my son is part of it and they all love him and he loves them, too. It’s so important for him to think that this is normalcy – performing and music, because it’s definitely in his blood.


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