ENFJ Personality

is bipolar brilliant madness? or is it just a personality trait that i’m born with and there’s really nothing wrong with me. i just have to work harder than most to keep it under control.

i just took this personality test and i am an ENFJ. i fit into a diplomat role (and supposed “people mastery” within it), and social engagement strategy, which says this:


The last strategy is adopted by sociable, energetic and success-driven types. Social Engagers tend to be restless, perfectionistic individuals, prone to experiencing both very positive and very negative emotions. Their curiosity and willingness to work hard also mean that they are usually high-achieving, even if quite sensitive people. Types favoring this strategy also tend to place a lot of importance on other people’s opinions; they value their social status and are eager to succeed in everything they do.

Reading the bolded letters – do you see this having any correlation to having Bipolar I?

Something to think about today.

Xx, Trin


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